Angel of Eventide CoverAngel of Eventide

For Seamus, killing is more of an art than an obligation. But when the Angel of Death unintentionally saves a life he was meant to take, he finds himself unable to stomach his former craft.

Deliberately disregarding his calling, Sea assumes a role he was not made for—that of guardian angel—fighting for the life of a young girl, who, now on borrowed time, courts death at every turn.

This story explores Sea’s broken relationship with heaven in light of his unnatural obsession with the girl who was supposed to die … but didn’t.

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Threshing Floor

Threshing Floor

A Thriller Parody (Introducing Jake Treacher)

Why are law enforcement, government agencies, and military officials always looking for Jake Treacher? The highly decorated ex-military traffic cop just wants to hide out in his dodgy motel room in rural Pennsylvania and tend to his wounds after a bar fight—er, barn fight rather. Maybe later he’ll find out why the town he’s in is called Intercourse.

But something is going down in Amish Country. A gruesome murder on the threshing floor, as well as suspicious packages from the Arabian peninsula, have got ATF and FBI agents looking into the secretive Amish community in Lancaster County. The elusive Reacher—er, Treacher—is located and enlisted to help close the investigation.

Perhaps then they’ll finally get his name right.

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